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Samurai Jack 5th Episode
I think the thing that makes me feel so uncomfortable is that people keep saying "the foreshadowing" of a romantic interest while there is actual Father Daughter moments currently unfolding. I feel this season is working a lot in contrast ESPECIALLY now that the Scotsman has daughters and raising / teaching unruly children would be something that Jack / Scotsman would have as a commonality. I think it's still up in the air to be honest. This is more me venting. I think tumblr is just filled with a ship but I feel better going out into the outside social media and seeing RATIONAL explanations OTHER than twilight (ugh) but mostly outside of tumblr people want it to be Father / Daughter. Not to mention Genndy is known to hate pairing up the main character / rely on a romantic plot. Because if it is going Father / Daughter (Which I think it is) It's beautifully done. She reminds me a lot of Jack to be honest and it's really working in contrast. They contrast Jack and her Mother constantly,
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I for sure know this is a long post.
But there’s a reason for it.
And it’s very, very important for me.

*puts hands together*
I am so sorry to bother you palsies all the time with my computer problem lately. I am really sorry. But I am desperate. My computer keeps getting worse lately and I feel like crying over it all the time. I am trying to safe up enough money to get a new one, but it’s hard and my earnings aren’t that much. Sure, I’m an apprentice as media designer, but I’m getting trained by a center that gets supported by the employment center and a few others. So my income is lower than if I’d be trained by a whole media designer company. As mentioned before, I’m a lone parent, I got debts to pay and of course my usual monthly bills. My kid is growing fast and he’s got asthma which needs proper treatment, which means he needs medication as well, his school stuff is expensive, my cat has his needs, too, and I of course need new clothes sooner or later. And we all need to eat of course. So this means I gotta turn each cent I have trice to make sure figuring out what I can and what I can’t afford. I hate to ask or beg for things since I am used to go through my stuff in life on my own. Not that my family wouldn’t support me. But my parents still got a teenager living at their home and…I just don’t feel it’s right to ask them for help so often. I already asked for support not that long ago and it still chews on me.

Still. Like I said, I’m desperate. I am scared of my computer dying on which I got thousand things I did in the past, or that I collected. And I want it to be safe before my computer gives up completely. I already lost a lot when it was broken almost two years ago. And I was crying.
Now I am crying again because I can’t use any of my programs for art anymore. Neither Illustrator, nor Photoshop, not even MediBang would work for me anymore. Either my computer keeps freezing after a few steps of work, or it crashed completely. And I am scared it gets worse with each crash (Actually, tbh, I am sure it’s destroying it even worse each time.).

So, yeah. I wanna keep doing digital art. I wanna keep making people happy with my art. I wanna work on the left requests I actually still gotta do. I wanna continue doing collaborations, videos, etc… (Can’t make any videos since months already, because y’know, computer issues.)

My computer is already getting 9 years old this year. I already had to exchange parts and I was lucky some people had a few things for cheaper, or even gave them to me for free to do me a favor. And I was and still am thankful for that.
Still. I need a new one, there’s no way out of it. I can’t keep exchanging stuff and get mad and sad again for other parts breaking down after a short time.

Please. I really, really need help and support.
You don’t have to donate, but spreading my ko-fi link would do so much for me. Maybe there are some people out there who’d like to help a free artist like me. I never take money for my art. But I’d thankfully take donations to reach my goal of getting a new, proper working computer as soon as possible.
I appreciate each reblog and I appreciate every, single, little donation I get.

I am very, very sorry to bother you so much lately. But I don’t wanna drop out from doing digital art. At work I don’t have the time and the nerve to do art, even though I’m a media designer-to-be. But what I do there is simply very different from what I do at home and I like to keep work and home/hobby separated.
Also, my computer would live quite some years. I only had two computers I used almost every single day in my whole life. My first computer was built together from other computers’ parts, some older than others, and it lived for 8 years. I even still got it here. (Wanted to give it to my kid, but unfortunately I forgot the password after years and I can’t use a CD to set it back because, wow, the computer freezes when the introduction video from the CD tries to play.)

And then, there’s another thing that’s important to me. Family and friends. I got two younger siblings, my grandcousin, and quite a few friends. And I love chatting with them. It helps me getting over the fact that I am a loner in this damn horrible city I am living at. It keeps me alive. I need to be in contact with them. I don’t have all their phone numbers, some of them are very rarely online on whatsapp, etc,etc…
So, yes. My computer helps me to stay in contact with people I love and need in my life.

All in all, it would be worth its money to the greatest.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for thinking about it. And thank you for future reblogs and donations. Thanks to the palsies who already reblogged/donated.
I really and absolutely appreciate it.

Please help me out. I myself am already trying to safe up a bit of money, as good as possible. But it’s hard when you don’t have much left for yourself.
Please. I don’t want to stop making art, I don’t want to stop chatting with friends and family and I don’t want to stop sharing my hobby with other artists.

Here’s my ko-fi link again.
And here's my tumblr link to the post for reblogs.…
Thank you a lot. Thank you all a lot.
I wish you a good night and a sweet time.


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